Our Venue

We welcome our community to share our space! Our spaces have been used for a wide range of purposes including yoga classes, parties, poetry readings, concerts, town-hall meetings, and more. For all booking inquiries please fill out the Venue Hire form below.

Photo Gallery of Past Events


Seats a maximum of 300-350 people (an additional 50 can beseated in the balcony). Past uses: concerts, lectures, town-hall meetings.

Musicians stand at front of church; church is lit with blue, green, and purple lights.Musicians stand at front of church; church is lit with purple lights.Couple stands at front of church during wedding ceremony with minister behind them.Rainbow banners hang at front of church; people sit in pews.A rainbow flag is in foreground with people in pews at church.

Garden Room & Studio

Seats up to 50 people. Past uses: business meetings, artexhibitions, seminars, wedding receptions, fitness and yoga classes, parties,community presentations. Available for weekend hire.

Empty room with wood floors and large windows.Empty room with wood floors and large windows.Diverse group of people gather and chat at a party.Couple sits at head of table of wedding banquet.Couple sits at head of table of wedding banquet.Maori woman setting banquet tables with food


Seats up to 100 people. Past uses: barbecues, community gatherings, parties.

Young people sit in beanbags on garden.Sunny empty garden.Tree provides shade over garden.Couple in wedding dress and tuxedo stands in front of church building in garden.


Seats a maximum of 80 people. Past uses: morningtea, community workshops.

Music Room

Seats a maximum of 10-12 people. Past uses: hot desk workspace, small community gatherings.

Meditation Room

Seats a maximum of 8-10 people. Past uses: small meetings, prayer groups.