January 16, 2022

EFM Taster Session

Do you sometimes struggle to make sense of how life in the twenty first century and being a follower of Christ fit together? Do you long for fresh ways to talk about God? Are you looking for a safe place to discuss ideas that seem a bit radical? Do you want to go deeper in understanding the Bible and Christian tradition, AND how people can worship the same God but see things so differently from each other? Join us on 16 January Sunday afternoon, 1 - 2:30pm at St Peter’s Anglican Church, 211 Willis Street, where there will be an opportunity to have a taste of EfM (aka Education for Ministry, or, Exploring Faith Matters). Come and find out why so many people in the last forty years have found it, (and still find it!) such a powerful way to grow their faith, to develop their ability to recognise God’s presence in the world around them, and to be part of a group who travel the faith journey deeply together. EfM is a four year program which participants commit to one year at a time. Study is done individually, and further learning happens within a weekly seminar group. In this group, learnings, insights and questions are shared, participants take turns in leading worship, and together the group share their stories and reflect theologically together. Deep life is built between group members and much laughter and creativity is balanced by profound insights received and trust developed. This is why it is one of the programmes endorsed by the Diocese of Wellington for developing discipleship – individually and communally

January 16, 2022
1:00 pm
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