We are a progressive Anglican Church that has stood watch on Willis Street, Wellington since 10th September,1848.
The current St Peter's is the second church to stand on this site. For more information about that and the history of the Parish click here.
Who We Are


  • We are a group of Anglican Christians
  • We understand ourselves as being on a journey, following Jesus
  • We align ourselves with the values and concerns of Jesus
  • We get baptized as a public sign of our allegiance
  • We meet together regularly on Sundays to support one another, to learn from one another and to share a meal
  • We are committed to serve the people who live and work within a radius of a kilometre of St Peters'on Willis (give or take), regardless of who they are
  • We welcome the company of all people who are on a journey of faith if they wish to explore their journey with us
  • We offer St Peter’s on Willis as “a church of refuge” to all those who no longer feel they fit, or are welcome, in other churches
  • You will see some of us under Our People and you'll see most of us in church here on Sunday
What we stand for

We don’t mean what part of the services do we stand for. That is a mystery, an Anglican secret that we use to keep people guessing. What are our key values, the issues that form us and we would go to bat for? Here are some of them:


  • Inclusiveness, irrespective of gender, sexual preference, race or faith tradition
  • Sharing what is important to us
  • Listening to what is important to others
  • Championing the rights of the downtrodden
  • The right to ask questions
  • The right to think things out in our own way and at our own pace
  • Good liturgy that brings us a little closer to the divine in, under and beyond life
  • Intelligent stimulating preaching
  • Support, not judgment
Where have we come from?
St Peter's has a rich heritage at the heart of Wellington city.  An updated history of the Parish is still to be written, but some years ago two parishioners prepared the History Board that still sits in the entrance of the church. To read what is found there, click here.
What's Happening?
Lots! You can see what's coming up by visiting our Events page here, or take a look at our current Bulletin here.
Getting Involved
We would love to see you at St Peter's. You can find out when we have services here. There are many ways to get involved. If you would like to find out more, just drop us a line, or drop in and see us!
"We are a church for and of Te Aro, focussed on the city, committed to reflecting and engaging with the diverse range of people and needs in our context. As part of this purpose we will remain open to all as a place of safety and peace."

St Peter's Vision Statement

Our People

Our co-vicars.  From left to right - the Reverend Jean Malcolm, the Venerable Stephen King and the Reverend Charles Waldegrave. 
Our Deacon - Rev'd Dr Ron Atkins
Our Director of Music - Dianne Halliday
Our Parish Administrator - Toni Weir 

Our Office Manager - Toni Weir

Our Sexton - Patrick Harrison

Church Wardens
Deirdre Tarrant is the Vicars' Warden
Neill Ballantyne is the People's Warden.
Chris Lock, Frances Yamada, Gail Duncan,  Josh Reid, Rachel Underwood, Toni Weir 
Synod Reps
Harry Gibbons, Neill Ballantyne & Frances Yamada

St Peter's Anglican Church

211 Willis Street,

PO Box 11-903,

Te Aro, Wellington 6142

New Zealand

Ph: +64 4 382 8486

Email: office@stpetersonwillis.org.nz

Office hours - 9.30 to 3.30

Tuesdays and Fridays


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